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The 10 Life Values system was founded over 30 years ago, in 1984, by Dr. Spencer Holman. His vision is centered on creating innovative value-based personal growth & examination of life through the lens of the 10 Life Values.  This success system is the XLV System.


Spiritual, Health, Family, Appearance, Dwelling, Mobility, Education, Profession, Leisure & Wealth Values.  These are organized into a success system for daily use, a way of life, to guide you into a life of excellence.  Designed to either be self-directed, taught in a classroom by a facilitator or implemented with a coach. Ultimately, you will develop a skill-set that will identify your internal guide and help you to follow it.


Teaches you how to use tools and processes to become highly organized.  It is the blueprint for success in every aspect of life.  Allows you to compress time by expediting your understanding of the fundamentals of seeing your life in compartments and as a whole. The system incorporates the important dimensions of planning, organizing and managing as well as a hierarchical system to help you examine, implement and measure your success on a daily basis.


Many of us use the 10 Life Values system every day to support our parenting, leadership, business, work, personal development, mentorship and community service.  It also provides a system to evaluate our progress as mothers, fathers, coaches, business owners, employees, mentors and caregivers.  Just by touching each component a little bit every day will yield incredible progress and results over the course of a month and year.



“I struggled for a long time finding myself, and my purpose on this earth.  I reveled in the gangsta lifestyle of LA, but was fortunate to escape the tragedies of my fellow gang members who are now either dead or in prison”



Spiritual Value has at its core the belief that we have have innately within us all that we need to prosper.  Our spiritual state is reflected in what we think, believe and practice.  This value anchors the entire system and can be found in every Life Value.  It serves as your moral compass guiding you to truth, love, service, humility and connection with God and people.



Health Value reflects the principles that determine the physical, mental and emotional well-being for you and your family.  People often want good health but make unhealthy choices.  Dr. Holman created a concept around health esteem and illustrates how it is linked to self esteem.  Some people experience trauma often, you don’t have to suffer in silence.



Family Value fosters true unconditional love which is fueled by your Spiritual Value.  Family serves as a central reservoir for: Self-Knowledge, Family History, Relationships, Intimacy, Family Care, Extended Family, and Communication. The overall purpose of a family is to serve as a key source of love, support, comfort, nurturance, protection, resource, and security. 



Appearance Value is reflected in how you convey yourself to the world. It is your unspoken calling card.  You tell others how to reach you by how you show up and your leadership and response to what happens around you.  It reveals how you view yourself,  and your value.  How much time and money do you spend altering your appearance? Be authentically valuable.



Dwelling Value consists of 5 elements: Home Management, Home Investing, Home Care, Home Protection and Family Atmosphere.  It encompasses the physical structure, connected elements, and the family atmosphere where you and your family live, grow, develop and nurture each other.  Create a stable home and maintaining a safe environment.



Mobility Value focuses on everything about movement through life.  Its focus is centered on activities which are external to the safety of the home environment.   It is about controlled movement maximizing the full range of motion and migration.  Equally important is the effective navigation of systems and structures within communities.



Education Value is developed through the emphasis you place on discipline, knowledge and learning for yourself and your family.  What are you educating yourself about both formally and informally?  How much does mass media and society influence what you know?  Learn the importance of: Personal Goals, Life Skills, & Visionary Plan.



Profession Value focuses on Purpose, Fulfillment, Personal Assessment, Career Planning, Talent Enhancement, Professional Goals and Legacy Building.  The 10 Life Values guides you through a process of determining the meaning of life which helps with defining what and who you profess to be and your contribution to the world. 



Leisure Value is reflected in personal freedom, self-discovery and growth through activities.  It comes as a reward after work and the accomplishment of your goals.  It helps you pursue personal interests, is not intended to dominate your time, energy and life, but serves to rejuvenate and inspire you.  Its primary purpose is to discover the things we enjoy most. 



Wealth Value is the final Life Value and serves as an anchor along with Spiritual Value.  It focuses on our accumulation and possession of assets.  True wealth and prosperity have a spiritual basis. Wealth accumulation and giving are a spiritual practice as you will prosper through what you give.  You can also have a wealth of love, knowledge and wisdom. 


At XLV System, we always strive for Excellence. We would love to connect with you to see how the XLV System can serve as a solution to your life needs.

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