The 10 Life Values is a strategic system helping to bring order to your life. When everything is haphazard and chaotic, it is especially relevant and serves to bring order and control.
Dr. Holman’s message to people through the XLV System is that - You are not journeying by yourself. 

The XLV System:

  • Allows you to properly and consistently apply these concepts to our life
  • Offers a robust system with tools that can adapt to the changing needs of our life
  • Can conform to your growth patterns and changes in our life and lifestyle
  • Serves to mend what is broken in our life or enhance our current level of functioning
  • Is a system for management and organization after evaluation and assessment
  • Teaches effective use of important tools: traditional filing cabinet, mobile folder system, note taking and management software such as  Evernote, Google Keep, Simplenote, Microsoft OneNote, and DropBox
  •  Uses seamless integration on iOS and Android devices using folders for the corresponding app, and desktop and laptop computers using file management systems, calendar, reminders, and email inboxes. These applications are extremely useful tools that track each component of the 10 Life Values. 

Many of us use the 10 Life Values system to support our parenting, leadership, mentorship and community service as well as gives us a system to evaluate our progress as mothers, fathers, coaches, mentors and caregivers.

The power of this system is in making the complexities of life simple.  The results have been outstanding by keeping things simple and clear.  The system is sequential and ordered, yet not rigid.  It is precise yet also customizable.  It is a system that can be implemented in everyday life, creating synergy and producing overall success in our life.

The 10 Life Values success system is designed to either be self-directed, taught in a classroom by a facilitator or implemented with a coach.  Ultimately, you will develop a skill-set that will identify your internal guide and help you to follow it

 This internal guide governs your perspectives, decisions, priorities, and interactions with others and with the world.  It serves as a compass for what you choose to do and how you spend your time, money and resources.

The XLV success system teaches you how to use these tools to become highly organized to expedite the process of utilizing time management fundamentals.  The system incorporates the important dimensions of planning, organizing and managing as well as a hierarchical system to help you examine, implement and measure your success on a daily basis.   

This system consistently and strategically offers methods and tools for evaluation, examination, management, organization and hierarchical ordering of essential components of your life. 

The XLV System will enhance personal enrichment and personal management in order to produce a fulfilled, examined life of excellence.