The XLV System is designed to take you on a journey towards truth leading to a full and satisfying life.

Dr. Holman was inspired and mentored by the works of the Moors and many African leaders who ruled and shared their value to build civilizations and improve life for everyone.

African leaders exhibited value in every area of their life and this was seen in their families, communities, and world influences.

Imhotep’s name signifies the first person we have tremendous details about as a black man, scientist, and revered ancient author of wisdom texts.

He was also a priest, astronomer, the world’s first physician with brilliance beyond his time, an honored Egyptian chancellor to the pharaoh Djoser, and the recognized architect of the pyramid created for Djoser. Considered high priest at Heliopolis of the sun god Ra, and gatherer of the great intellects, Imhotep established the seat of knowledge and basis for institutions and universities of higher learning.

His name has become synonymous with master seeing the world from a multiplicity of perspectives dwarfing the minds of those who struggle to embrace and articulate the functioning of man and civilizations.

He was a significant master and mentor to Dr. Holman is shaping his values and this XLV System.