Come & live a valued experience

Dr. Spencer Holman was searching for value in his own life.  He studied the works of the great leaders of civilization and looked to his creator for answers. He was given this vision to create value in his life, and the 10 Life Values was born.  

He then designed systems, order and structure to help organize and manage his life.  Over the past 20 years, he has helped over 1 million men to do just as he did, and improve their lives with value.  Today, everyone can apply his tools and processes to live a life of excellence with the 10 Life Values!

The XLV System is built on the 10 Life Values:



Our values

The 10 Life Values Help to ANCHOR Us Through This Unpredictable And Amazing Experience We Call Life.

Spiritual Value

Where's your faith and belief system? This determines all your decision making processes.

mobility value

How do you navigate the world outside your home? Do you effectively stay within the systems and laws that govern our society?

Health Value

What's the condition of your physical, mental and emotional health?

education value

What are you learning both formally and informally? Are you learning what to think or how to think?

Family Value

Have you created a safe and nurturing environment for each member of your family?

profession value

What do you profess to be and do? What is your declaration of your contribution to the world?

Appearance Value

How are you presenting yourself to the world? How do you look, sound and react to situations?

Leisure value

How do you use your free time? Does leisure come after you have accomplished a goal? Is it to rejuvenate, renew and inspire you ?

dwelling value

Has your house been created into a home? Is it a safe haven and a place of peace?

wealth value

How are you presenting yourself to the world? How do you look, sound and react to situations?What do you have an abundance of in your life? Are you creating and investing your assets? Do you treat money as energy?

Our Achievements

For over 30 years, the XLV System has inspired, motivated, and transformed lives across the United States and around the world. 

What Our Clients Say

I have presided over many Father’s Time, now BSU, graduations. Each time I marvel at the growth and belief people gain to live successful and teach their children, and community how to excel.
The XLV System helped me to put my house in order. I lived in chaos and clutter now we have order and a place for everything.
Dr. Holman’s Fatherhood Academy program has changed my life. My family is so much happier since we have talk and solve problems together
I thought I did not need leadership and mentorship. I realized that I couldn't make progress and was stagnant. The 10 Life Values showed me how much more progress I can make with support and leadership.
My church has offered these programs for the past 5 years and the results have been unbelievable. We expect to continue for many more years.
Los Angeles, CA
My health was failing fast. The XLV System allowed me to start making changes and measured those changes so I was able to maintain the progress I made. Thank you!