What Is The Fountain Of Life?

People are in search of the secret of what sustains life. All life needs water.  The fountain of life stems from the creator who connects humanity with dignity.


Once you access the fountain of life, then you develop a deep fountain of Understanding that gives you the ability to drink from the fountain of Love.  You then begin to live from a place of pure Truth whose fountain stems from the beginning of time and fueled by God the creator, who is Love.

The 10 Life Values, allow you to be in alignment with God and his principles.  It moves you from surviving to striving to thriving.  You seek good and shun evil.  Your words and action reflect goodness.  Proverbs says, “Like a fountain of water, the words of a good person give life…” 


Only the wise seek understanding. A proverb says, The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding.” 
The 10 Life Values gives you enlightenment and undertaking in the 10 key areas of your life.  These areas: Spiritual, Health, Family, Appearance, Dwelling, Mobility, Education, Profession, Leisure & Wealth, cover you completely!
Gaining an understanding requires you to examine your life.  This system provides the tools and processes to systematically examine your life and implement the daily activities which lead to an improved life.
Do you know how powerful you become when you gain a deep and clear understanding of all of your life in a way that does not overwhelm you?  The 10 Life Values compartmentalizes each are so you can focus on understanding and improving one area at a time.


The secret sauce of the 10 Life Values is Love.  God is love and everything starts from the principles of love.  
The changes you make will be motivated and sustained from love.
When you tap into the Fountain of Love from the source of love this alone will change how you think and see the world.  Your interactions with others will reflect this love.  Maybe you need to love yourself some more and you will.
Love is the catalyst to successfully impelling the XLV System.


The XLV System will show you have to live from a place of Truth!
Once you experience Understanding and Love, Truth will flow as the foundation on which you live your life.
Truth is universally objective, and is not dependent on your situation.  Truth is truth regardless of if it is convenient, easy, or comfortable.  It remains timeless and principled.