Jay’s Transformational  Experience With The XLV System

Jay shares his life story which is like thousands of stories we have witnessed over the years:

I grew up in New York, and always dreamed of being somebody important.  I was average, but I knew that if I changed my environment I could go bigger and faster in life gaining success and riches.  I struggled for a long time finding myself, and my purpose on this earth.  I reveled in the gangsta lifestyle of LA, but was fortunate to escape the tragedies of my fellow gang members who are now either dead or in prison.  I languish in the thought that it could have been me.  My mentor lead me to the 10 Life Values, and there I learned what it truly meant to be a man.

Even more impactful was learning that being a man meant learning to love and be loved, having courage, fellowshipping with other men, understanding struggle, overcoming adversity, coping with pain, taking a side and standing up for what’s right.  I now have a greater understanding of life and death, war, famine, diseases, biology, culture, environment, honor, respect, and my spiritual journey.  I also understand what it means to be good, masculine, brave, noble, adventurous, and learned how to address despair, resentment, envy, jealousy, lies, deceit, and injustice. My maturation process allowed me to gain greater insight into my choices, victories, wealth, women, sex, children, excellence, truth, having a belief and building a legacy. Furthermore, I needed to understand the issues specific to Black men, and be smart enough to see the traps that lurked all around.  These include low or no employment, incarceration, racial profiling, legal matters such as divorce, poor eduction, unhealthy relationships, lack of community support and identity; as well as black on black crime.  

Once I understood that targeted black men lead to marginalized black men, because they have no other alternative or option but to destroy their community, I was better equipped to avoid these pitfalls.  All of this insight showed me traps to avoid, particularly the trap of criminalization and underground existence characterized as lazy or giving up and resulting in a parasite existence, surviving off someone else. For instance, there was a war on drugs, but essentially it was a war on me, a black man.  The U.S. economic system shut us out of the economy with ever-decreasing access to major industries; outsourcing jobs overseas, increasing the use of technology and automation.  Additionally, nepotism further exacerbates the problem by carefully controlling and regulating jobs designed for a few handpicked blacks while the rest of us were abandoned in mass.  So black men, like myself, are forced to turn to illegal activities as we are denied access to the legal economy.  In reality, we have been maneuvered into these activities which are not good for the Black community nor America as a whole.  Finding a way out demanded a strong system of values to reform my life.

Knowing this, Quentin, my 10 Life Values accountability partner, helped me process this devastating information about my reality, by coping with the stress and anxiety in my life through prayer and meditation.  I started to grow spiritually and feel at peace even in the chaos of my environment.  The 10 Life Values training opened my eyes to true unconditional love, forgiveness, patience and showed me the difference between being spiritual vs. religious.  For the first time, someone cared enough to show me that my spiritual life was filled with negative energy which was holding me back from being successful.  I learned that Spiritual Value is energy just like money is energy, and I wanted to understand how to get more of both of them.  Quentin revealed how the 10 Life Values help me take real consistent action.  I learned that when I can truly look at myself, look into myself with great examination and introspection, I have merely just begun to crack the rich code of my Spiritual Value. 

Earlier this year, I felt pain and pressure in my chest. I hate going to the doctor, but I knew it was time.  During my examination I went into cardiac arrest, the doctors rushed me to the hospital, and I was immediately taken into surgery.  Then came the worse news I could hear at 33 years old – I had a heart attack with 99% obstruction in my left anterior descending artery, which causes the heart to stop quickly. I was very lucky to be alive…this was my wake up call.  It became very clear, I had been eating myself to death.  About two years ago, I was diagnosed with high cholesterol, then five months later my pressure was an alarming 170/100.  Shortly after, my liver and pancreas started to fail, and just like the rest of my family, I got that dreaded disease, diabetes.  All of this stress on my body affected organ after organ and uric acid built up in my blood, resulting in gout.  I laid on my back looking up at the ceiling in the hospital room, but really looking up to God, and pleaded with Him to spare my life…I was too young to die.  

The 10 Life Values helped me make a series of important changes:

From not working out to exercising 10 minutes each morning to reduce stress, increase blood flow, strength and flexibility.  From eating mostly meat and carbohydrates to juicing vegetables twice a week, eating more fruits, nuts, and grains. From drinking 4 cups of coffee and sodas to drinking 8 cups of water with minerals.  From not using supplements to using an herbal solution A-Game , to increase my vitality, energy, strength, and libido, supporting proper blood flow to my organs.

From not having control over my health to monitoring my body composition, weight, blood pressure, and sugar levels daily.  

My progress is astounding and I am cracking the rich code on my health well before my 35th birthday. 

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“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”  Old African Proverb